Bertrand Lebert

Founding member and first president of Brie’Nov

Creator and director of Crossbow company that has set up a system – Panacea – synchronous online training. After working in specialized education section for the national education, I then worked in training on the social and professional integration devices.


Cinema studies at the New Sorbonne Censier with Cahiers du cinema-license in 1976. I followed Leos Carax in his adventure of « Boy meets girl » in 1983. I made some short films as an operator – I followed training photometry / sensitométrie- and as director. In 1986, I started in the skin … a writer.

In 1994 I made a book about Tristan Bernard to the presses of the City « Tristan Bernard a young man chic ».

I am passionate about networking and collaborative. Within Brie’nov I met people and businesses on the same path as me and these meetings give a boost to all projects, theirs, mine, ours.

Development of new training and new tools to go to the encapsulation (aggregation of heterogeneous computer programs into a single system – the internet is the most spectacular example).

My Interests:

Reasonable people find that I am dispersed. My approach is the star so my interests are ranging from kitchen (I love how) to philosophy (a project on Bergson) psychoanalysis, painting (I make some) and music.

My commitment to Brie’Nov concerns more particularly the topics of training and education.

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