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The IDEFI-N SONATE project (Digital for Solidarity  and Territorial Attractiveness) promotes the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in the higher education system by preparations Access to University Studies Diploma (DAEU), based on the use of digital and distance tutoring.

SONATE target disabled public by their education (dropouts), geographical location, availability (temporary workers, sports, seasonal), social status (social, job seekers, RSA beneficiaries, future jobs), or physical or cognitive disabilities. These are primarily troubled youth insertion and adults without professional qualifications who wish to resume their studies and have not passed the baccalaureate.

Real opportunity for our territory and its inhabitants, this project aims to be extended to all university courses, and thus to increase the proximity between Universities’ campus and rural territories.

This project will deploy design methodologies. It mobilizes, in collaborative mode, prescribers (French employment agency, Local Mission for youths, orientation council, local associations, communities …), users and universities.

It combines the benefits of digital with places nearby (such as coworking space, townhall, all sort of connected places) where we will find the human resources to better help the students’ course.

This is its true added value of this project which fights against inequalities and access difficulties .

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.


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