UPID, democratic and digital immersion…

UPID means People’s University for democratic Immersion. This is a project led by Brie’Nov, which seized the opportunity to call for a regional project to find ways of developing it. [/ highlight]

The UPID aims at the creation of a material and immaterial place, rooted in the territory of the Brie and ubiquity, synchronous and a-synchronous, local and global, and also learning and focused on concrete actions. The idea is to design a popular university for the network society. It is an attempt to concretely meet the challenges of the network society in the process of building, learning new forms of democracy in a new context, to meet the challenge of adapting traditional structures and usual relays of our democracies. Generations X and Y have increasingly a new relationship to politics, to the City, democracy and especially its practices. This is to confront ideas and practices « of » ancient and modern « (this phrase appears inappropriate, today!) to practice and define new citizens behaviors and new governance. Already, platforms like Facebook and other networks, in a very insistent way, show the popularity of structured spaces of expression from local and individual initiatives, although these social networks generally offer no democratic solutions ….

To remain practical, because it is through the concrete, in daily practice, we can more easily address the complexity, we chose a theme that seems simple but reveal this complexity. We propose that the young participants to the project, we’ll be working on the image of their territory, which is the Brie area, through constructing an object that represents it.
The digital will be part of this construction, both in the process (the places of production and the methods) and in the objectification, double, material and immaterial. One could imagine for instance that young people create a mascot that represents the Brie, but also a space, a rallying flag, a game, etc., but still material and immaterial.

UPID has won the call for regional project. The original project is a bit revisited but we will keep you informed!

To be continued…

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